Congratulations on earning a degree or certificate from 冰碛谷社区学院! There’s no better way to celebrate this significant achievement than attending commencement. 穿过舞台是辛苦工作的完美结束, late nights and sacrifice you have put into gaining your credential. It’s time to relish in the joy and pride that comes with being a college graduate. 冰碛谷的教职员工迫不及待地为你鼓掌!


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门票将不予签发. 客人必须带着毕业证书到达.







Students smile for a photo through the cell phone screen wearing their caps and gowns at graduation


All graduates who wish to participate in graduation (optional) must register to attend either the 11 a.m. or 3 p.m. ceremony. You will select the ceremony you wish to attend; however, 如果报名人数已满,学院将暂停报名. 报名将于3月18日星期一开始,5月5日星期日结束.

Note: Only students who have petitioned for graduation can register for a ceremony. 如果你还没有申请毕业, 你必须尽快填妥以下表格 MVConnect. 4月26日以后的春季申请将不予受理 graduation.


当你到达 Building H, you will check in by last name at the tables in the lobby of the building. You will be given a reader’s card at check-in that you will bring with you to the stage. 再检查一下你卡上的信息是否正确. 如果需要更改,请在离开表之前进行更改.

You then will proceed to the second floor and line up in your degree section for the processional. 如果你想在学位课上坐在朋友旁边, 挨个排好队, 不是紧挨着的.

每个仪式将持续大约一个小时. Graduates will be called to the stage by degree and will receive their diploma cover and an alumni gift from the Moraine Valley Foundation. 离开舞台后,你必须回到座位上. You will not be allowed to leave the Cyclone Center until the ceremony is over.

在仪式结束时, you will recess from the Cyclone Center out the southwest doors into the parking lot in front of the building. 你不能停在飓风中心门外. 计划在大楼外面和你的家人见面.

IMPORTANT: Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your ceremony to allow for enough time to check in and line up. 仪式开始后,体育馆的入口将停止, and late graduates will wait in the lobby until the national anthem is over. 请不要迟到! 仪式将准时开始.

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你将走过讲台接受一张文凭. Diplomas will be mailed six to eight weeks after graduation to the address on record. 要更新您的当前地址,请发送电子邮件 records@kamibernierrealestate.com.

You will purchase a cap and gown through the Bookstore, beginning Monday, April 1. 你可以购买你的物品 online 寄给你, or you can go into the Bookstore in Building D to be sized for regalia and make your purchase. Regalia将在毕业典礼期间出售.

Students earning an associate degree will receive a cap, gown, tassel and white stole for $39. The package for graduates earning a certificate costs $31 and includes a cap, gown and tassel. 如果你已经拥有了冰碛谷的徽章, you can re-use it; however, 你必须为今年买一个新的流苏.

If you are graduating with honors, you will wear a cord to designate you as an honor student. 你可以在书店购买荣誉绳. Grade point averages for honor cords are calculated based on grades through the fall 2023 semester. Spring 2024 semester grades are not included in calculating grade point averages for honor cords.




获得高级荣誉(银色和绿色):3.75-4.0 GPA


Members of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society can purchase a PTK honor stole and/or tassel to wear during the ceremony. You can wear the PTK stole with honor cords, but you cannot wear two tassels. 你必须选一根流苏戴在帽子上. 你可以从冰碛谷书店或 PTK website.


请注意:毕业典礼是一个学术仪式, only Moraine Valley honor cords and Phi Theta Kappa stoles can be worn with the regalia. Cultural stoles or stoles indicating membership in a specific group will not be allowed. You will be asked to remove any nonsanctioned regalia prior to the start of the ceremony.


Gold Cords



Phi Theta Kappa联谊会


Silver Cords



White Cords

Cum Laude


Silver & White Cords



Green & White Cords

With Honors

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澳门网上真人赌博官网与GradImages和节省20%的照片订单. A professional photographer will take several photos of you during the ceremony, 包括你拿到文凭的那一刻. 要收到您的证明并利用储蓄,请访问 GradImages网站 并在仪式前报名.




在你的毕业帽上发挥创意! Enter the Cap Decorating Contest to win one of two Moraine Valley-themed prize packs. 每次参赛只允许携带一张照片. 提交截止日期为5月10日星期五. 投票将于5月13日那一周进行 大学的Instagram故事,所以一定要关注我们的账户. 所有参加比赛的大写字母将被列入第一轮比赛, 投票将继续进行,直到剩下两个上限. Runner-up and first place winners will be announced on Thursday, May 16.


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Buy a Brick

Moraine Valley is the only community college in Illinois with a Shakespeare Garden. The garden celebrates the lasting legacy of William Shakespeare’s works, and it can celebrate the legacy of your graduation from the college or honor a loved one who has recently earned a Moraine Valley degree or certificate.


The 4"×8" bricks will be placed throughout the garden and installed once a year. The Foundation staff will alert you when your brick is about to be installed in the garden and the location.

Questions? 请联系杰西卡·克罗蒂 crotty@kamibernierrealestate.com.